Brass & Books is a private finance company investing in and providing structured financing for privately owned companies in the fields of Financial Services, Agriculture, Technology, Real Estate, Entertainment and Other Sectors, with significant business presence or operations across West Africa.




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Financial Advisory

At Brass & Books, we harness the power of the economy to give you access to a wide-range of financial opportunities and options.

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Personal & Family Financial Plans

Your Brass & Books advisor will work with you to craft a highly personalized financial plan with well-defined, long-term goals.

From asset allocation to implementation and execution, we provide the necessary expert analysis to craft a custom financial plan that your advisor monitors and manages making sure you stay firmly on track. Financial planning services include Tax, Education, Insurance, Investment and Retirement Planning.

Business Plans, Feasibility Studies & Proposals

Brass & Books Financial Services creates business plans, feasibility studies and business proposals for any purpose in any industry.

Our firm assists business owners and professionals with a variety of business planning needs including driving your existing business, pursue a new business idea, seek new loans, refinance existing loans, obtain private equity and venture capital investments, get grants from donors and also a guide to reviewing performance of the business.

Business & Investment Management

Brass & Books works with you to professionally manage your various investment vehicles whether they are paper assets, real estate or other businesses in order to meet your specific investment goals.

Our expert team provide services such as financial statement preparation & analysis, asset selection & allocation, business plan implementation and on-going monitoring of investments.

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